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10oz Amber Glass Soy Candles LIMITED ONLY

10oz Amber Glass Soy Candles LIMITED ONLY

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These candles are hand-poured with 100% natural soy wax, nontoxic, and a unique Earthy, Fresh, Floral, and Sweet fragrance.
 *Jar is made out of glass*

 1 wick and 10 oz

Note: Soy wax may have normal discoloration.

To prevent fire and serious injury:

Keep away from flammable items

Keep away from children and pets 

Burn within sight

ALWAYS allow the wax to harden before relighting, touching, or moving 

DO NOT extinguish with water

Remove packing before burning. Burn proper holder. Keep the wax pool free of debris. Stop burning when ½” unmelted wax remains. Trim wick to ¼” each time the candle is lit. Avoid drafty areas. Never burn longer than 4 hours.

Size Chart for Bracelet


Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized Orders: Unfortunately we’re not accepting resized bracelets however If you're looking for a different size you can request an exchange View Here. Before you checkout, we recommend you measure your wrist for your bracelet. View Size Chart

What are string types?  String types are the quantity elastic strings you desire to hold the beads together single (1) or double(2) string. Note, double string (2) will cause the bracelet feel tight around the wrist at first however over time it will stretch.

Processing and Shipping Our processing and shipping time is 1-4 business days. If you requested for a bracelet exchange then it will take 2-5 business days depending on the quantity.

Will my products look the same as the picture? Yes. Some skincare products may look lighter than the picture but the ingredients are still the same. We'll update you if we change ingredients in our skincare products.

I received my whipped body butter melted, what should I do? Place your body butter in the refrigerator or freezer for 15-30 mins. This should help the body butter go back to its original consistency. Then store it in a cool dry place to prevent your body butter from melting. OPTIONAL: You can re-whip with an electric mixer for 5-10mins for it to be fluffy and light again. If you want to receive your body butter unmelted and ship to you faster, we recommend clicking on USPS Priority Mail for fast shipping during checkout.

Can I cancel my order? No. Once an order is processed it cannot be canceled. 

My bracelet does not fit well on me, is there a way I can return it? Unfortunately, we don't accept returns but exchanging for another size is available. Please carefully read our exchange policy.



Care for Jewelry

Please follow our care Instructions for beaded Jewelry. If you want your jewelry to last long it’s best to treat it with care. 

Bracelet Care:

- Roll it over your wrist without excessive pulling.

-Avoid soap, perfumes, hair and skin products, sunscreen, saltwater, etc. Many of the products we use every day can degrade the quality of the elastic over time. These can cause the stones to become dull and the elastic deteriorate more quickly.

-Remove your bracelet before sleeping and participating in physical activities.

Necklace Care:
- Gently put your necklace over your head.

-Store your necklace in a dry place such as a jewelry box or jewelry bag. 

-Avoid Stretching, Pulling, soap, perfumes, hair and skin products, sunscreens, etc. Many of the products we use every day can degrade the quality of the string over time.

Remove your necklace before sleeping and participating in physical activities.


 Thank you for understanding! 

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